Hi, my name is Eric Zhivalyuk. I am an entrepreneur, professional web developer / designer, and tech investor. Learn more about my skills and experience, or check out some of my companies below...

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Artician, LLC.
Artician.com is a social network that promotes creative talent and provides an effortless way for artists, designers, photographers, and other creative individuals to build and manage completely personalized portfolios.

Artician Studios, LLC.
Artician Studios provides a wide range of innovative and cutting edge web services. We specialize in creating high-end web projects that extend to fit the requirements of small businesses to large enterprise organizations.  

LabPeer, LLC / PathExpert™
Path Expert™ provides advanced clinical and billing solutions for Pathology Laboratories.  Our robust Pathology software provides easy-to-use communication, reporting, and lab management tools, and is fully customizable for any Lab.

RESCU is a unique Anti-Hangover Formula that is scientifically proven to help prevent hangovers after alcohol consumption. RESCU is a lightly carbonated, non-alcoholic beverage that replenishes key nutrients & jumpstarts your body’s natural detox process.