5 Workable Strategies to Improve your First Quarter Sales

5 Workable Strategies to Improve your First Quarter Sales

Tips to improve your sales

You may have the best products and service in the marketplace. However, if you cannot get people to purchase the products, you are as good as not having the business. Sales are the reason why any business is established.

 If you are experiencing low sales, it may be the time you checked what you might be doing wrong. You may be marketing to the wrong people, you may be selling obsolete products or may be pressed hard by the competition.

 Elite Push has put together five tips to help you increase your sales volumes in the first quarter and subsequent quarters of the year.

Add video to your social media adverts

 Videos are the highest converting content format because they engage both the ears and the eyes of your prospects. Come up with video content that provides valuable content and engages your audience and uses it for your marketing campaign. Post the videos on social media pages and web 2.0 sites.

 Studies have shown that an inclusion of video to a landing page can raise the conversions by up to 80 percent. Videos included in email marketing also increase the click through rate to over 200 percent. In fact, over 90 percent of mobile users share the videos with their friends. A further 50 percent of online users interact with at least one video every month.

Keep close watch at the KPIs

It is everybody’s dream to reach the business objectives. However, you cannot reach your dreams if you do not know your key performance indicators and do not track your numbers.

The numbers are those elements that cause your business to grow. This helps you to put your resources where you are likely to get best returns for your efforts

You can use such tools as Google Analytics or Datapine to view and track you KPIs and vital business metrics. They are easy to use and very accurate. If you are not good at monitoring, you can use daily planners or mobile apps such as Trello that helps you keep a record of business numbers.

Make use of the word of mouth advertising

There is no other lead generation method that is as effective and organic like getting referrals from your clients. The clients explain your business to their friends and relatives. Since there is trust between them, the people listening to them are more likely to check out the business and try the product than they would if they saw your advert by the roadside.

 Tell your clients to refer others to you. It is effortless but has good returns. However, before telling them to do that ensure that you have established a good working relationship and given them a service that they loved. Then, your products would be worth the trouble of telling others about them. 

Do not forget the offline marketing

There is so much obsession with online marketing that people forget the offline marketing. Most of the offline adverts still work and bring good returns.

You can seek endorsement for your products from the thought leaders in your community by giving them free products. If they love your products, they will lead their followers into using the products. You can also advertise in magazines and newspapers.

 Look at popular radio stations and ask them to give their listeners some gift hampers and give ways in exchange for publicity, mentions, and advertisements on their airwaves.

Moreover, find out areas where popular events will be taking place throughout the year and apply to display your products, give away gifts and other methods of product promotion at the events. For example, there was a company called Corine Cuisine that prepares natural sauces recipes. In the 2016 Emmy Awards, it gave out its gift hampers and products and got many celebrity clients. Seek for opportunities to showcase your products to the target clients. This way you will become a household name in their minds.

Exceed your customer expectations

It does not matter the kind of business that you do, the ability to positively surprise your clients will go a long way to bringing in more business from the clients.

You do not have to spend lots of cash in entertaining your customers or elaborate surprises, simple things here and there will make your clients stick with you for long. You can give a card to the clients on their birthday, a complimentary cup of coffee while they wait to be served, a gift for buying a given number of items or a given value and much more.

Look at ways that you can cause your clients to be happy and capitalize on such to keep them glad. They will reciprocate by buying more and spreading the good word.

Put all the tips explained above into action. Customize each of them to fit your business type.

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