10 habits that will change your life forever

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If you ever read the fable, ‘The Red Shoes’ by Hans Christian Andersen, you may have come across a story of a young girl that longed for a pair of red schools such that she tricked an old lady taking care of her to buy them. She gave priority to the shoes over other vital things in life. Unfortunately, this angered the Karma who made the shoes stick on her feet and force her to dance without stopping. Eventually, the young girl died of exhaustion.

This is what happens to most of us. We chase things that we think will make us happy without taking care not to head to the dangerous path.

The most satisfied workers were found to be those who weren’t in fancy offices but those who take their jobs as a calling. Fast food logos, on the other hand, make people feel impatient only to end up eating unhealthily. 

I recommends that we choose our pursuit carefully and cultivate habits that send us on the right path. We will fulfill our goals and live a meaningful life.

Keep off people who erode the quality of your life

Just as fast food logos make you impatient, toxic people fill your life with a lot of negativity. They might not be happy with your decision to leave them. However, it is better to cut ties early enough than to live with negative influence. Think of people or things that make your life better. Nothing else deserves your attention.

Don’t take computer or the table to bed

Science has found that short-wave length blue light harms your sleep. When your eyes are exposed to high concentrations, it halts the production of melatonin that induces sleep. Sun has a high concentration of the light in the morning, which makes you alert. The electronic devices also emit the light. Thus, if you get them to your bed, they kill your sleep leaving you less relaxed. 

Appreciate now and here

Be glad you are here today. Gratitude brings about happiness and peace. You may not have the glamor or weather to boast about but appreciating what you have currently gone a long way. Wealth and good food will not bring happiness if you are not happy without them.

Realize that things are different from what you perceive them to be

In addition to the point above, do not be in a hurry to envy others for they look better, richer, and happier. They could be dealing with bigger problems than you behind closed doors. The perfection may just be a mirage.

 Be open to possibilities in life. You never know which one of the opportunities will push you to your success. 

Get started regardless of whether you may fail

Writers take the time to develop a storyline and characters in a plot. However, they are hesitant to start for they do not know if the ideas would work out. Unfortunately, they cannot produce anything if they do not get started. Use the same analogy, get started, and make corrections on the way.

Get organized 

Time is one of the most scarce resources in this world. It is a wonder that some people waste it by being disorganized. We toss things around and then spend a lot of time looking for the same things. In the same way, we go work on projects haphazardly and end up repeating the work. Organize your day in the morning it goes smoothly throughout the day.

Start collecting things that you can connect with

 Have you ever come across a caption, a meme, or an inspiration quote that summed up your feeling in a few words? Such items should be kept among your gems so that you can revisit them and connect with yourself again. 

Do things that define who you are

We all have those moments that defined us in the past. It could be that loud music, dreadlocks, some fancy dressing, singing, exercise, or cooking. Find something that brings the authentic you into the picture and get time to do it. It rejuvenates your mind and soul. 

Say no 

Research has shown the harder it gets to say no, the more you experience stress, depression, burnout, or fatigue and erode self-control. When it comes to saying no, do not fumble around with words like ‘I will think about it,’ I am not certain’ and such. Be firm and stop what you don’t want from the word go.

Have some realistic goals

Many people make outrageous goals and then end up being disappointed when they fall short of their goals. Crazy goals can be inspiring, however, when putting timelines, consider what you can really do.

Your character and happiness are determined by your attitude and how you act out there. Change your habits, and you will enjoy better life and achieve your goals

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